Wife older than husband astrology

About child birth, a women could give birth to child till 40, and may be even after that, and there are many couples where younger women couldnt give birth to any child.

Children are blesing of God, if one has a fate of becoming a parent, he will be, no matter he marries younger or older girl. At least it is better than the couple looking perfect together but not having love with eachother. May God help both of us and maintain our love for each other! The above two reasons Mr. Madhukar analysed seem to be apt. What ever the reasons age difference marriages or inter religious marriages are all considered sins in present society--I personally feel they r much better than those arranged marriages where the grooms are auctioned in a sort of business market for dowry or higher financial securities offered by the bride's side.

Even if the arranged marriages r not done for financial reasons --they sound so absurd as u need to marry someone whom u really r not aware of--u need to stay with them together mentally and physically only bcoz ur parents have selected them and u have to stay so--its all business orientedso i feel theres nothing wrong in age diference love marriages or inter religious marriages as they r far better than these meaningless arranged marriages.

First of all I congratulate this blogger for coming up with such a relevent topic. As u have been hearing it for ages '' every thing is fare in love and war''. AGE difference is immetreial if two persons are holding a true love. Do any body have the notion that big age difference makes a strong relationship? In a marriage after certain years u will not find beauty will have no value only feeling for each other ,sharing the responsibilty and caring for each other.. Thank You that's greatly put forward. U just solved my biggest dilemma. And can u please tell me where i can find the information about sita and draupadhi ,cause I too heard it but never read it and never really cared.

But since this thing became personal I need to convince some people here. The girl loves me like hell and I cant lose her 4 this reason Please somebody helpp, Time is running out. My boyfriend age 30 who knew me for years, dumped me for this age difference I question today all these. This is the foolish and man dominated society rule that women must be younger. Both man and women enjoy younger and fresh partners, but man's dominace makes it against women, who are forced to marry older man.

As of scinece, the average life expectancy of woman is atleast years more than man, and so if we want happy couple, and no widow or widower, then women must be year older, else current trend of younger, makes women vulnarable for a widow hood of about 8 years 3 which is age gap, and 5 year more life expectancy average , so society must change all age marrige must be happy seen and allowed. If u see carefully in older age, most widow are women not men, because of the wrong society age rules. Did not God first create Adam before He thought Adam needed a suitable companion?

Did he not create them and see that it was good? This was before was sin was born in the world. I think God wouldn't approve of any thing such as this.

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Do not forget in addition to this, all the things He's told us through Moses and Paul still holds good about a marriage. Its a committment and not an easy thing to compromise. If the girl is willing to marry someone this young, I am sorry to say but, she must be desperate. I was reading this and something struck me to type and I believe its from God. I am sorry if it offends any reader.

May God bless you all!

Age Difference in Marriage – Does it Really Matter?

Hi Guys, its nothing worng in getting married to a girl elder to the boy. I agree with some of the above persons. If we take a case where the traditional marriage happens with elder groom and younger bride.

The only one reason they say about this is, the women will more matured than men, which grow with the age. Here's the most important astrological forecast of the month. A typical horoscope lays out what you can expect for yourself in the next week or month based on your Sun Sign.

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That sort of thing is great, sure… especially if you happen to be the only person on your planet. Astrology, like life in general, Many of you have had the experience of sharing living space with a Gemini. They are generally likeable creatures, but as with any human partnership there can be difficulties getting the practical results you will sometimes need.

Here is a It's the weekend, and you know what that means Here are twelve short videos illustrating how your temper works, for better or worse, by If the predominant planet is there in the sign of Aries then, spouse may be of medium height.

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He or she will have sharp eyes with nice eyebrows. Your spouse may be aggressive in nature but his or her loud voice will have the charm to attract people. If predominant planet is in Leo, your partner will possess a well-developed body or you can say an athletic figure. Here also, he or she will speak very loud and have a much attractive personality. If the dominance is over Sagittarius sign then, your spouse will acquire a physically matured body. He or she will be tall and fair in complexion. Your spouse will also have a large forehead and always remain very free and frank.

For airy signs like Libra, Gemini and Aquarius, a well-placed lord in the 7th house can make your spouse good-looking, having sharp and intelligent mind. That intelligence will help him or her to maintain a balance between personal and professional life. They will always keep a positive attitude in them in whatever they deal with. It can be the workplace or their family life. Simultaneously, they will be quite practical and materialistic too. They usually have a quality of being extrovert and love to meet or interact with people. If the predominant planet is posited in Libra then, you will be lucky enough to get a slim and fair person as your life partner.

He or she will have a nice hair and that may sometimes be curly as well. When the planet has the predominance over the Gemini sign, your spouse will have a good height. He or she will be of sharp and slim figure. Beautiful eyes and the wheatish fair complexion will make your spouse more charming. Being placed in the sign of Aquarius a predominant planet can give your partner a good height.

He or she may be of dark complexion but will definitely have sharp eyes. An athletic figure will make him or her more attractive.

Marriage Astrology-Future Spouse Appearance of Wife or Husband

When the earthy signs like Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo or their lords are occupied favourably by 7th house, the moment can make the native very dedicated to his or her work. The dedication will help him or her in getting an excellent success in earnings. Your spouse may have an average height. He or she may be average in looking but will have a strong calculative approach towards love and relationship. Sometimes your spouse may come across as rude to you.

That is because of their highly practical approach towards life. They may always have a tendency of being jealous of others, even sometimes for no reason.

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They are good in management, specially in financial cases. But you may sometimes find it miserly. Watch our Youtube Video If the predominant planet occupies the sign of Taurus then, spouse may be short in height. He or she may be a bit flabby. He or she will have a dark hair with medium complexion. When the planet has the dominance over the sign of Capricorn, your spouse may not be very tall but will be slim.

He or she may have rough skin. But there will be a charm in him or her that will attract many. He or she may look a little bit aged. When the predominant planet is there in the sign of Virgo, your would-be partner will be medium in height. He or she will be slight flabby but have dark eyes. The smile will make your spouse lovable and attractive.

The placement will help your spouse to make itself fulfilled with vitality. If your spouse is of any of the watery signs like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, he or she is mostly of medium height. He or she will be very soft spoken, extremely romantic and have an imaginative mind. They may be very impractical towards life and such an approach might be very disturbing to you. Yet, your spouse will be proved so caring and understanding towards you and your family as well.