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The American Federation of Astrologers is founded with the aim of disconnecting astrology from the mumbo-jumbo of magic. Simplified Scientific astrology is published by the Rosicrucian Fellowship.


Reinhold Ebertin launches 'Mensch in All' a periodical devoted to new astrology techniques, and which later is renamed to Kosmobiologie. Edward Johndro are published. His background in electrical engineering reflects in his writing which is extremely precise, complex and "electromagnetic-oriented. He predicts future events in the Royal family which eventually come true. In another article in the same paper, he makes an accurate prediction concerning a British aircraft and becomes famous overnight.

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Naylor is the father of sun-sign astrology, as he was the one who invented the Sun sign newspaper column. Astrologische Farbenlehre by W.

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Koch is published. Koch presents a unique link between colors and astrological factors. Evangeline Adams predicts in her Monthly Forecasts that the United Sates will be involved in a great war in , which proved to be amazingly accurate. Her Astrology for Everyone is another addition to her list of published books. Psychologische Farbenlehre by W. More humanistic-cosmo-biological psychological astrology.

The Church of Light is incorporated by C. Zain Elbert Benjamine America's most prominent astrologers.

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  8. Ramsey Wright. Principles of Horoscopic Delineation by Charles E. Carter is released to public. Specialization and science.. Fritz Brunhubner's Pluto marks not only one of the first attempts to understand the meaning of the newly discovered planet but also the idea of devoting an entire book to astrological influence on one planet, and perhaps the era of astrological specialization.

    By the late s, astrological forecasts are found in every major newspaper in the West. Lewi is known for emphasizing behavior-oriented astrology at a time when sensational event- oriented astrology is still in fashion. He uses and advocates only transits for predictive purposes. Astrology of Personality by Dane Rudhyar raises awareness of the new humanistic form of astrology. Wynn is probably the first astrologer who investigated progressions thoroughly and to conclude that they are worthless.

    From early beginnings in Portland, Oregon, it moved to Los Angeles and flourishes yet, having outlived its originator, astrologer Llewellyn George, by almost six decades and counting.

    Chaney], L. Weston, and together they taught astrology classes and wrote articles. While it is true that Llewellyn George would eventually go on to publish these titles and his own books, in the early years he did not.

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    Then on p. But what does the historical evidence in fact show? But also, there is direct internal evidence in the advertising at the back that Fletcher was integrally involved with the operation of the Portland School of Astrology in ways beyond its publishing operation that she managed. On the front cover, we find:.

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    And at the start of the internal preface:. Indeed, no mention of the Llewellyn Publishing Company appears on any book or almanac penned by Llewellyn George prior to The reason is clear: it did not exist before that date. Bulletina Publishing Co.

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    Hulery Fletcher, clearly the same Ida Fletcher fleetingly mentioned by Weschke as one of the co-founders of the Portland School of Astrology in his published account. So in summary, not only did Fletcher at least co-found the Portland School. She also directed it and held the overall managerial position, a position senior to that of Llewellyn George within its ranks. This revelation in itself causes me to wonder whether it was Fletcher who bankrolled the start-up and therefore assumed the right to direct the company, with George working as her subordinate.

    He was a very young man when the Portland School started up. Evidently, he had broken free of Fletcher to head his own operation that year.