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You might get into a fight about feminism, and the next thing you know he's writing songs that features your viewpoints as his own. Your sidepiece could be: 50 Cent. A Cancer with his moon in Gemini, 50 Cent is fickle in love. With a cluster of freedom-loving planets, he likely embodies the archetype of the "player," but the major issues in his chart are about tapping into his own feminine energy that Cancer brings. He wants a strong woman to worship but in the end, this connection will likely be about his life lessons With freedom-loving Sagittarius dominating her chart, Nicki doesn't need to be in a relationship.

Their sun sign is Gemini, which means they were born to grow up in Hollywood.

The focus of her chart is all about career, fame, and success. She is passionate, confident, and has the energy and willpower it takes to achieve wild dreams; her chart shows someone who is literally born to be a star. And it's likely that she will have a long career and will be remembered as a true icon! Earth signs also dominate Nicki's chart, giving her a sense of grounding.

It's likely that she can take or leave relationships as she has a strong sense of self. Taurus, you are seen as one of the more "traditional" signs when it comes to love. You are devoted and protective of your partners. As an "earthy" sign, Taurus is drawn to luxury, and paired with success-oriented Minaj you two will have an affair of tastes. Together you can enjoy the pleasures of food, wine, and clothes. That said, the two of you are probably home-bodies together, which makes you both feel loved and comfortable. Taurus is known for being sensible and down to earth.

With Nicki's career-oriented chart, this connection is likely to be a practical one. It could possibly end in marriage. With all that fiery energy, Nicki needs an earth sign who can ground her and help manage her career. There might be fights about her flighty flirtatious Sag nature, but a Taurus who can give her the grounding she craves will make a ride or die out of Nicki. Your sidepiece could be: Rick Ross. While his sun in Aquarius makes him want to proudly wave the freak flag, Mr. Ross' chart reads more vanilla. His Moon and Venus are in conventional Capricorn.

He's the one to hit up when you want to Netflix and chill. It's always a cozy romp and you get along as friends, but watch out because he might get attached! Andre's chart shows the classic player: With his Sun in Gemini and Mars and Jupiter in Aries, he's no one to get tied down, focused always on the next conquest. The big point of tension is that he has a lot of baggage with women mommy issues! If there is any sign who can take on this ego, it's a fellow Gemini. In love, it's likely you are both searching for your own identity.

The two of you will love and converse at a frenetic pace. Sexually, it gets weird, and there's probably a tendency toward group sex. This is likely to be an explosive relationship, as you bring out the most dramatic sides of each other, both of you pushing the other to really feel and express emotions. The problem is that you both also want the space to then pull away and play it cool. Likely, you will drive each other insane but you'll likely describe it as the most memorable affair of your lifetime—for better or worse!

Your sidepiece could be: Nelly. A total Scorpio, Nelly wants to have sex all day. But while he's usually the type for a bunch of quickies, inventive Gemini gets him in a more twisted deep sexual space. Total combustion in the bedroom. But if you try to turn this one into a relationship there will likely be too much arguing: your lighthearted social flighty nature would likely enrage this one.

A connection best kept in the bedroom! The Scorpio energy is heavy with Drake. His Sun, Pluto, Venus, and Mercury are all in a sign that's infamous for imparting those who fall under it with an intense, brooding, and sensual disposition. Famous or not, his chart indicates that he could probably seduce a woman just by making eye contact with her. And Cancer, he can't keep his eyes off you!

This could likely be a highly romantic, "traditional" relationship—and that's what makes it scary. You know he's the love of your life, but your friends are worried about you. Scorpios are often described as possessive and jealous, and Drake likely craves a partner who will devote herself to him entirely.

Of course, in order to keep up this level of obsession, Scorpios are adept at playing games, often running hot and then suddenly cold.

But hopefully with Cancer's inclination for loyalty and nostalgia in love, this tendency will be curtailed. With a "true" Cancer, one who will offer undying loyalty to a man that makes her feel secure, that infamous Scorpio jealousy might melt away. Sexually, the connection between Scorpio and Cancer is transcendent. The bond is almost psychic, as the two seem to know naturally just how to please each other.

With Drake's Mars in Aquarius, things are likely to get pretty kinky. That Aquarius Mars might bring a long a list of sexual wants—with the expectation for you to keep up. If you are a Cancer able to tame the Mars in Aquarius tendency to stray or one who is able to look the other way the two of you could really make a serious relationship built on depth, security, and intimacy. But beneath the surface is an intense and moody disposition. There's a schism between the dominant energy that his ruling planet Mars brings and the soft "momma's boy" that his Moon in Cancer bolsters.

This masculine-feminine conflict likely gets played out in relationships. He can be super attracted to Cancers, with whom he shares a feminine energy, and this can make the sex and the ensuing pillow talk so explosive that he will likely think he is in love But keep it light, or keep your heart protected, until you are sure he's for real. When a Leo and a Sagittarius make a connection work, it can be one of those rare instances of a couple staying in love for the long-term.

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All signs point to DJ Khaled as consummate romantic—with a side of kink. With his Venus in Libra expect that he will take wining, dining, and wooing you to an almost gluttonous level.

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Some men are like this: they get off on romancing their conquests; this might make some signs emotionally vulnerable, but the dynamic is perfect for self-assured Leo, a sign that often feels like they are born "special. His Mars in duplicitous Gemini lights up the kink factor. Gemini is a sign that craves variety. Leo, you are flamboyant, confident, and dynamic.

Being self-assured, you know that you don't have to say yes to all of Khaled's whims—sexual or otherwise—which is what he likes about you. In the home, in health, in the career or in the marriage, to name a few. The Houses tell the story of where the action is happening, what type of people are involved and what sort of environment it is. Learning and acquiring information is important to you, though you may insist that each new piece of data be proven scientifically before accepting it as valid.

Also, you will find yourself readily sharing the new information you have acquired with others. Your mental make-up includes a methodical approach to creating, something that you much enjoy doing. There may be a tendency to be impatient and domineering intellectually, as pride is something you need to keep an eye on. Your insistence on always being right may create conflict for you with your family or community and you will often embark on many short-lived intellectual adventures to obtain the constant stream of data you crave.

You may also possess ability for the written and spoken word. Sensitive and rather fickle with your moods, you may find yourself feeling a bit insecure and uncertain. Because of this uncertainty, you are often plagued with indecision. At times you may become impatient and act on impulse. A tendency to worrying about others opinions and attitudes towards you can create a desire to please when it would be best to focus on what works for you. You are inclined to focus on your appearance, making you sensitive to any perceived slight, when it would be better for you to develop self-confidence and embrace your individuality.

Your immediate environment has a large impact on you, therefore be mindful of the situations you put yourself in and how they may affect you. The maternal figure in your childhood had a heavy influence on many of your traits and behaviours and more than likely continues to do so, for better or worse. When choosing a career, be mindful to acquire something that allows you to connect with the work emotionally as otherwise you will be deeply dissatisfied as a whole. It is important for you to be able to be authentic and express your individuality within your chosen vocation.

You spend a great deal of your time at home absorbing various types of knowledge. With a wide variety of interests, learning about them gives you a sense of security. Highly charged with nervous energy, it is necessary that you find ways to unwind and sooth your mind. There may even be a cosy corner in your home where you enjoy conversing with guests. It is likely that you experience inner tension until you to find a place where you belong, causing you to engage in frequent changes of living quarters.

You are well able to articulate your creativity in both the written and spoken word. You tend to keep your immediate environment rather copacetic as you have distaste for conflict. Preferring to keep your surroundings harmonious, you can be evasive when confrontations are expected. Because of your amicable, pleasant nature, most will find it easy to be in your company. Being comfortable and tension-free is important to your well-being. Expressing your creativity is important to you and you possess a great deal of drive to do so.

Most likely engaged with sports, you must watch for a tendency towards gambling and to take unnecessary risks as you like to thoroughly enjoy yourself in these sorts of events. Romantic involvements are of a particular interest to you and you spend a good deal of effort in the dating department. Attraction does not seem to be an issue however, there is an underlying tension from a previous in regards to children.

Optimistic and self-assured, you are unusually prosperous financially. It is unlikely that you have ever had to suffer from lack of having your material needs met. It would be wise for you to use your superb financial instincts to invest, as you easily inspire faith and confidence in others. It is likely that those in advantageous positions will reach out to assist you monetarily at one point or another to help you actualise your dreams. In addition, try to be mindful of a tendency towards over-indulgence with lavish cuisine, as you are prone to extravagance in this area.

You are diligent in your work as well as frugal with your spending; you are willing to wait as long as is necessary for what is important to you. There is a tendency to suppress your sexuality or not allow yourself to fully engage with others due to your continuous search for monetary safety. However, it would be most beneficial for you to convert this energy into spiritual growth and insight that can best be achieved by learning to understand the people you form partnerships with on a deeper level. What good is having money when you have lost yourself? There may be a theme of abuse present in your life, some sort of challenge concerning sex, or possibly trouble with a desire to control others or them controlling you.

It will be important for you to learn to temper your strong sensuality. There may be complications involving anything having to do with finances or their institutions. You possess an eccentric mind with an aptitude for thinking outside-the-box. This coupled with a strong intuition and will-power allows you to lead others into interesting, original endeavours. It is beneficial for you to listen to and develop your intuition as yours may be more accurate than most.

You like to find fresh and often unusual ways of doing things. There is never a dull moment with you around and this stimulating personality attracts others to you. Unfortunately, your unique individuality may cause you to feel discontent and lonely at times; it is not often easy to be ahead of your time. However, at times you will find yourself a bit anxious and high-strung, with a high degree of mental activity that can cause you to neglect your physical state.

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Your mind intuitively absorbs information instead of accessing it in a conscious, step-by-step method. You have an artistic way of thinking that you filter through your strong idealistic views. Your thoughts come to you in vivid flashes and are enhanced by your rich imagination. You may find you are intuitively aware of things before they happen and can often accurately predict the future. It is easy for you to sense what is happening in others minds before they do.

Because most of your knowledge is acquired in an intuitive way that deviates from conventional methods, you can find yourself feeling insecure and anxious as you are unable to explain where it come from. Your mind can put you into a dream-like state that you indulge in to the point of avoiding your duties; you can be quite a procrastinator. Try to be more reliable and especially avoid further escapism through substance abuse. There may be unresolved issues with family and other relations from a past-life that will need to be addressed.

Although your emotions may be rather sensitive, inside there is a powerhouse of strong will that allows you to fight for the things that are important to you. You can be overbearing at times and may try to use this energy to control others; you are capable of profound anger when the situation calls for it.

Your internal strength comes from an intense emotionality and if harnessed correctly, you possess healing abilities that can both transform and regenerate. Others are pulled in by your magnetism, although you may be a bit of an enigma to them, causing you to spend a good deal of your time alone. Independent and courageous, you can sometimes find yourself brooding over trivial matters that may at times be imagined and would be best forgotten.

Try to be more adaptable and forgive others their affronts. The Sabian Symbols are a set of symbolic declarations that correspond with each of the degrees of the astrological zodiac chart wheel, starting at Aries degree number 1 and finishing with Pisces degree number In modern times, they are commonly used by astrologers in order to deeply understand the significance of planets that are occupying a particular degree of the zodiac. Sabian Symbol: A flag turns into an eagle and the eagle turns into Chanticleer.

Kozminsky Symbol: A skull grinning and below it is a coiled snake. Kozminsky Symbol: In charming country, a traction engine travels. Sabian Symbol: At Halloween, the children have an excuse for continued pranks. Kozminsky Symbol: Out of the heavens appears a hand holding scales, while Venus sparkles below. Sabian Symbol: Nursery children play on a rug placed before them. Kozminsky Symbol: A library is on fire and men attempt to save the books. Sabian Symbol: A depressed man is helped by guardian angels that he cannot see.

Kozminsky Symbol: Quartz crystal rocks have veins of the finest gold. Sabian Symbol: There are natural steps that lead up to a lawn of blooming clover. Kozminsky Symbol: Handfuls of seeds are thrown to earth by a man and they sprout and grow towards him as soon as they touch the ground. Sabian Symbol: Three Masters hang on the wall of an art gallery with plenty of room. Kozminsky Symbol: Quarreling behind a pair of scales are two men. Sabian Symbol: An Incan mother pleads to the chief for the lives of her children. Kozminsky Symbol: A professor at a university is lecturing in front of his class.

Sabian Symbol: In uniform, a bald-headed man has seized power. Kozminsky Symbol: A group of dockworkers load a ship full of supplies. Sabian Symbol: A car caravan of settlers are all headed together. Kozminsky Symbol: A grey warship, cleaned and ready for war. Kozminsky Symbol: Wounded in flight and swooping near the ridge of a mountain, a wounded eagle leaves drops of blood that turn into a brood of young eagles.

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