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Whether you are embarking on a real estate investment or just taking the leap in love, you will probably be sure of yourself around the 16th and 21st! Be careful, in December, not to seek too much to impose your will and lay down the law in family where the least we can say is that you will not convince at playing this little game! You are likely to be misunderstood, even criticized if you do not take care to consult beforehand who you should partners, children, relatives before considering changing your environment and that of others!

Beware then of confusion, divergences of views, and misunderstandings that could degenerate into confrontation on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 25th! The best way to avoid possible quarrels?

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Open constructive debates and show yourself attentive to the demands of your entourage the 21st! In a Relationship, the least we can say, in December, is that you will not necessarily have the art and the way of embarking with your partner in your dreams. You are keen to beautify your home and manage the stewardship to your idea but bet that your proposals will not be unanimous!

To convince, pass your messages smoothly the 21st and wait for Jupiter to get involved for the better from the 23rd! Single, if you have strong ideas about what should be considered and realized so that your private life fills you, it is not sure that your desires and projects appeal to everyone. Avoid imposing anything on anyone at the risk of sowing a mess in the ranks and messing up the clan.

Around the 21st you will be in a more conciliatory mood and will no doubt understand that your desires are not inevitably orders and will be well inspired to wait for Jupiter to support your family initiatives to take a stand and then more happily express your priorities and desires! End of the Year! You should, in December, succeed in moving the lines to your idea in family the 20th and could live passionate debates with your partner on the 17th, where the exchanges will be anything but lukewarm!

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At the end of the month, Venus invites you to communicate intensely the 28th! A month that should meet your expectations and a desire to fully live your loves and your bonds whether in family or in love! In a Relationship you will probably not be bored in December, when you will have the opportunity to change what needs to be in the clan so that you and others can move more freely the 20th. Also wait to experience strong moments in love where your partner and you tend to communicate in a passionate way that could spice up the debates and antics?

The end of the month the 28th promises to be intense and guarantees that you will end the month and the year probably in a trance!

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Single, you will work, in December, to direct your intimate life to your idea and will not be afraid to free yourself from certain pressures that limited you the 20th! Relationship-wise, you will not graze the subject but rather immerse yourself in an intense relationship that may move you from top to bottom the 17th! The opportunity then to end the year boiling the 28th? Advice From FREE Horoscope : A last month of the year dedicated to the culture of well-being and good communication and living together as a family.

During the month for December for the zodiac sign for Virgo: The First Week, The 1st, 3rd decan, do not show yourself too greedy today if you want to avoid scaring those who hold the power and money and are not necessarily willing to meet all your requirements!

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  7. The 3rd, 2nd decan, the tone could rise especially in family today where your partner and the others will not necessarily support that you lay down the law. If you want to avoid clashes, put it a little on the back burner! The 5th, the current definitely does not pass between you and an entourage that is suspicious of you or that you yourself can not pin down.

    So avoid going into debates that would not necessarily turn to your advantage and then prefer to withdraw from the game rather than risking putting oil on the fire! The 6th, exchanges or discussions that started in November should resume more freely from today and definitively be concluded by early January! The 7th, the new moon invites all of you to focus on the private sphere that is actually currently demanding your full attention! To limit the breakage, do not interfere with conversations around and prefer to stay quiet rather than feed the confusion that reigns! You will have the gift of reassuring your interlocutors or those you like!

    The Third Week The 17th, 3rd decan, a beautiful striking force should help you convince your partner and the others to believe in you and your ability to work miracles. Whether on the private or professional level, count on your offensive nature not aggressive to train your troops and put passion into the debates! The 20th, 3rd decan, if you aspired to move the lines with your family, to break down certain restraints or limitations that restricted your room for maneuver, you should find ways to free yourself from guardianship or alienating habits today, and then flourish more at your leisure!

    The 21st, 2nd decan, it is well by opening a constructive and inspired dialogue that you could succeed in fluidizing the exchanges today, and getting out of the impasse! It's time to commit, sign and jubilate! Finding what — or who — you really love is another area for exploration, as your amorous nature is awakened over the Christmas holidays. You can welcome with a fresh perspective on producing or expressing something commendable in the world, from a creative or artistic passion project, to a baby or business or blog! Recognize the balance to be met across your ability to engage with friends, colleagues, peers or society at large, and the need to honor your own interests.

    Personal passions hold your focus January 5th and again on July 16th — a moment that could pave the way for quiet reflection.

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    Mid-August provides the perfect window to truly escape, yet by the 30th be ready to re-engage, refreshed and rejuvenated. Growth planet Jupiter is expanding your home zone and boosting your nesting tendencies from November, Virgo.

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    4. For the year ahead you can indulge your inner domestic goddess, or open up your space to new members, with the stars twinkling in your surroundings. Expect to learn plenty about your inner emotional landscape, as Jupiter shines his beacon of light underfoot.

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      See important dates during Jupiter in Sagittarius, here. This is also the area of life governing your talents, and how you express yourself through art or producing something of interest — from music to written words or even a baby!


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