December 24 2019 solstice astrology

For where I live in Virginia, the seasons line up better with astronomical seasons than they do with calendar months the so-called meteorological seasons. It usually doesn't get really cold here until late December although this year has been an exception and snow and freezing temperatures continue well into March. The same holds true for summer when the heat hangs on well past Labor Day. If the weathermen insist on assigning seasons to whole months to simplify record keeping then Winter should be January - March, etc. Nine out of ten years, it's way to cold on March 1 to call it the first day of Spring.

I see winter as a time to slow down and relax by the fireplace with a cup of tea. I have a ritual of cleaning out my closet and giving to charities. I enjoy the holidays in winter because I get to see my family and catch up on with them. I also enjoy going out for social events with groups of friends. Every December I go to see the Nutcracker ballet at the local performing arts center. I suppose for me Winter is filled with fun and exciting things to do as long as I bundle up on the frigid days I get along fine with Winter.

I am so happy i came across the almanac this morning. As I am sitting on my patio in Germantown, Maryland watchinf the rain drops hit the pavement and my face being struck by cool I love the winter! Its full of so many beautiful creations. The snow falling Its truly magical. Every year we host a Solstice celebration on a hill overlooking a lovely lake, near our house. In MN is it not a choice to have a frozen season.

We try to encourage our friends to embrace it. Better for the spirits and better to get outside and get that Vitamin D. Here's a poem I wrote for it: Behold the early falling of the light. The creeping cold, the dimming of our sight. I just have to tell you that, on pursuing this site about the equinoxes, I was struck by the beauty of many of the pictures posted there. What joy they brought to me this early morning! That's a lovely poem and good thoughts.

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The first thing I did this morning was to bring in armfuls of wood for the wood stove. I wanted to have a good bit piled on the hearth before it started raining. I brought in 6 armfuls of dry wood! Now I can sit back and relax by the fire. My easel and oil paints are in the same room. I certainly enjoy winter a lot more now that I'm retired. It was no fun having to clear our driveway and still have to brave icy, slick roads to get to work an hour away.

Winters my favorite season enjoy the crisp cold air, zero humidity and no pesky bugs to content with.

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I also love Winter because I could sleep so much better. I'm so happy to see the temperature started to go down. Unfortunately within a few months my favorite season will be gone and the temperature would start to warm up and the pesky bugs would come back again. Thank you for your e-news. Very informative. Just want to return your blessings for the new year. May it be filled with health, joy and prosperity. And love the gorgeous photos :.

No humidity, extreme heat, heat rashes, heat related swollen feet, bites, Let me become a beach bum I think more people would enjoy Winter if they knew how to dress for it. It's very nice to know that the days are about to get longer again. I can't wait for the Spring Equinox!

I love winter, the cool cold crisp fresh air. It rids all the old and brings in the new for Spring. It's a time of reflection and appreciation.

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I love looking out after a snow and getting out in it. It is refreshing taking deep breaths the air is so clean. Also stopping and looking at the crystals of the snow shimmer and if you get real close and look at all the different shapes of the snowflakes it's wonderful and exquisite on how fine and delicate they are. Winter is wonderful.

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Food taste better, I love putting my bottled water out and letting it get nice and cold and even freeze. I love driving in it. I love playing in it, I love shoveling in it. Any day that has freshness like Winter I'll take it. We are Blessed with the cold winter months, we need them, It's the cycle of Life. It's beautiful and it also can be harsh. I think it is a nice way to start off the year. Anew fresh crisp clean, Winter. No more sweating like a pig waking up to soaking wet sheets in the night, no more slipping on a steep embankment cutting grass, no more neighbor cutting his grass every single day rain or shine, no more dread of turning on the oven to get that cookie fix, no more fleas, ticks and mosquitoes well with these warm winters the ticks are always there and lastly plenty of time to read the almanac!

This article spoke of the difference between the astronomical seasons and the meteorological seasons. Another good example of this difference is that the meteorological rain year starts on October 1st. The reason that this date is chosen is because about that time of year is when the snow pack and surface water such as creek and river flows, and lake levels are at their lowest.

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My birthday is December I get my week of vacation in between Yule and New Year's. Celebrating the Holidays with all my family. And celebrating with my Pagan family. And Indeed the cooler weather.

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I'm no Summer girl for sure. Winter is my favorite season by far!!! With that in mind, being the scene stealer of the zodiac all year round does take a lot of energy, and there are a couple of times a year that you need to sit back and recharge. Creative projects are about to find a home, and your passions will align with prosperity. Leos tend to be dramatic, talented, and most of all, busy, so this solstice reflect on what your priorities actually are. Create a mood board Leos are visual people and use it to manifest your greatest goals. This year however, your mind is on more than just your work life.

The goal for you right now is balance, integrating your passions and type A energy throughout all areas of your life. Saturn is responsible for our patterns and routines, and you might be using this winter solstice to rethink yours. Virgos are traditionally extremely hard on themselves.

Honor your inner child, Virgo-they have a lot to teach you! Try and think about how to integrate more whimsy and play into your day to day routine. Revisit your favorite childhood game or activity-it might be just the spark you need. This winter is all about settling in, easing up, and getting grounded.

The change of season always sparks a sense of needing to document and chart progress for an analytical Virgo, so dedicate some time to journaling. With Mercury as your ruler, you use language and communication to make sense of the world around you, and this holiday is an opportunity to do just that. Like Capricorn, Libra is also a Cardinal sign one of several zodiac leaders that signal a change of season.

This season is about reflecting on that and integrating subtle changes into your routine. Libras generally prefer small steps to dramatic moves, so even minor changes have the potential to pay off in big ways. That being said, this is a transitional season for you, and your eternal quest for balance might be out of whack. Remember, being part of a community also involves taking care of yourself and respecting your own boundaries. Experiment with getting to know yourself better this solstice.

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Physical healing modalities like acupuncture or reiki can also help add a dose of balance to an otherwise flimsy time for you. You would also be well served to celebrate the holiday by purifying your space and burning Sage or Palo Santo. Stock up on incense now to burn throughout the winter to maintain that sense of hearth and home. Not you Scorpio! With Pluto as your ruling planet the celestial body which governs the underworld a trip into the mysterious is your comfort zone.

Pluto rules over death, transformation, and rebirth, exactly what winter symbolizes. You have an innate understanding of the need to let things go in order to be reborn stronger. This is a time of year for you to experiment, try on different hats, and see what sticks. Scorpios do much of their work in the shadows—think of them as your cosmic dressing room to prepare your next incarnation. Just make sure your energy is going to pursuits that deserve it. This is an important time of year for all signs to work on their shadow selves, and Scorpio just happens to be better at that than most.

Honoring the symbolic death of winter allows you to honor and let go of the parts of yourself that are no longer serving you. Who do you want to be as we prepare to welcome a new year? Can you envision the parts of yourself that are holding you back? Light a candle or several! Your season has just come to a close Sagittarius , putting you in a great position to use this solstice to manifest some major change.

Since you just had a birthday, this solstice is less about determining what you want, and more about harnessing that bold Capricorn energy to move the needle in a big way.

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Get outside and do some stargazing to ring in the start of winter. If you live in a warm place or you have the equipment , you might even want to camp outside for the night. You may just come up with a game changing app or side hustle, and this Capricorn season is the time to make it real. Travel and excitement is one of the main ways you understand the world and feel connected, so make sure this is still a priority for you this winter. Anything to keep that internal fire burning. Capricorn is the cardinal sign of winter that is, the sign that kicks off the season , so this winter solstice is an important time for you.

As the sign of hard work, ambition, and success, Capricorn energy carries us into the new year to dream big and set resolutions. This is an especially potent time, as Saturn is in your sign until Saturn is the disciplinarian of the zodiac, responsible for structure, schedules, and routine. Saturn is a planet of action, so write a business proposal or set up meetings—anything that gets the ball rolling on your goals for the next year. This is a great time for you to work with some prosperity rituals that will help manifest abundance in the new year. Anoint a green candle with oils like frankincense seasonally appropriate!

Crystals like jade, green aventurine, and pyrite are also useful tools for this time of year. Take this opportunity to break down your schedule and rework your routine. Starting or strengthening a yoga practice will help you maintain that sense of discipline and grounded-ness that will carry you through the season. Simple graphic drawings, either on paper you can place on your altar, or carved into a candle you can burn during the solstice, will solidify your goals.