Chinese horoscope december 16 2019

The first one, a supermoon, arrived on January 1, , bookending this intense year with so many emotions.

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Look back to what you were doing the last time the calendar turned. Christmas this year will feature the moon in playful and passionate Leo , which will make for warm and convivial vibes…but also the possibility of drama and diva antics, especially under the mistletoe. Spiritual Scorpio is the sign of transformation, and to symbolize the shedding of outworn layers as the calendar turns, you might include a ritual in your celebrations.

At pm EST, the moon will form a flowing trine to manifestation-magnet Neptune, the perfect moment to inform the universe of your most soul-stirring wishes! Get the Horoscope Guide! The most wonderful time of the year indeed! Your December monthly horoscope arrives with a double dose of expansive energy.

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Not only is it Sagittarius season until December 21, but this year, the Sun is joined by jovial and expansive Jupiter, which is hanging out in its home sign from November through December You may also like. October Monthly Horoscope: War and Peace? Horoscope and Zodiac sign know how and why; every person has his own virtues and defects, but what makes successful people separate from others is that they try to be better every day.

Even further Astro-numerology goes a long way and provides the answers necessary for further development, as far as this topic is concerned, you can find out even more about yourself when you learn about your birthdate and every information that you can gain from this number. So those who are born on December 16 belong to the Sagittarius Zodiac sign; this is a fiery sign and typical member of this sign knows how to make at least some small limitations through his practicality could become a person who can indeed be better.

December 16 horoscope and zodiac sign meanings.

They are often impatient, and although they are ambitious and they start actions that might eventually lead to a goal, they end up, in the end, to get everything done. These people are sometimes impatient and hard to understand, so are prone to push things too fast when they cannot accept them as they are.

They are fighters and can sometimes be bitter when things are not going in the desired direction, and would retaliate if this situation were imposed.

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But also this date of birth is connected to the loneliness — most loners are connected to this date; these people are unpredictable to themselves and even more to others, let alone to others because they are born rebels, also if they do not have any cause for a rebellion. They are the hardest type of Sagittarius to open up, emotionally, and expect others to understand them without saying a word — an arduous task for people who are in close connection to them, like family or friends.

Such strange and closed behavior is not very popular for Sagittarius people in general, but those who are born on December 16 cannot escape such behavior. And then there is anxiety and depression that is even more pronounced in their lives, so they are even more retreat in oneself — they are not reclusive by their nature, but sometimes they go through such stages that could last a long time.

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It is interesting that these human beings who are born on December 16 are neither self-centered nor selfish and are always reasonably judgmental; this is something that is considered to be their biggest attribute. By nature, playful and childish, the Sagittarius Zodiac people always remain young at heart and are open for experiments in bed — even if they are not people who will open easily even if their lover is open towards them.

Because of this nature, they are often extremely passionate towards one person, but soon they get the need for new adventures — what you end up is knowledge that people who are born on December 16 are never involved in some true manner to their current lovers, and as if they are continually looking for a new lover.

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So their emotional rigidness is somewhat understandable when you look at it through this prism. For those who want a short and entertaining experience, those who belong to December 16 can be a great choice, cause during that connection, and these people are amazing lovers and incredible partners. How to seduce the average representative of this date?

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They are also the people who will notice joy and sense of humor in others, so try to be humorous themselves and to seduce potential partners so that they can go crazy in love. People who are born on December 16 have special interests in scientific matters, and a practical side on all the issues is most troubling to them; they have undoubtedly a cordial and happy nature, and are, without a doubt, a good company, both at work and in life in general. This is all applicable when people who belong to this date are doing something they genuinely enjoy and love, and where they can see the perspective of their work, both material and as far as recognition goes.

They love to be recognised and accept from others to respect their hard work.