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They have similar personalities, but one is yin and the other is yang. Therefore, they can reach harmony. Snake and Rooster seem very different, but they are quite compatible. They fit well with Oxen as well. A Snake gives Oxen warmth and romance, and receives a reliable anchor in return. It's hard for a Snake and Tiger to sympathize and understand each other. The relationship will be full of suspect and coldness.

Year of Pig - 12222 Chinese Horoscope for Chinese Zodiac Snake

Snakes are also incompatible with Pigs. They can work well together, but there isn't much trust in a relationship. They are great improvisers. They will do well in competitive fields such as emcees and competitive sports. They also have their own unique methods. For people like this, management and leadership positions are the best. Because of this, they are not fit for careers where they cannot express their opinions. Routine and standardized jobs are not for them.

Still, Snakes must learn to listen. Consider the thoughts of others and combine it with their own ideas. This is the way to long-lasting success in the workplace. However, Snakes are extremely picky eaters. They will stuff themselves with their favorites and not even consider a balanced diet. This will inevitably lead to some health problems.

Snakes also keep their complaints inside. The bottled up emotions can cause stress and anxiety. Women also need to pay attention to their urinary system. The Year of the Rat does not bring much to look forward to for Snakes. While not as unlucky as the Horse, you will still need to be on your guard against suspicious behavior.

On the other hand, fortune will come to you in the form of a friend or business associate. If you can put aside your misgivings, luck will seek you out. Success will be possible for those who put in the effort. Snakes may see a slight improvement in their career compared to the previous year. Use your smarts and quick thinking to realize your goals in the workplace. Keep your nose to the grindstone, and you will see improvement. Luckily for you, the year may bless you with a guide. One of your colleagues or associates will be a stepping stone for further success.

Take all of the help that they can give you.

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Significant changes are not advised for the year. If you can, stay at your current position and continue to make progress there. If you are unhappy in your job, you can always try to make money on the side through an online business or freelance gig. Wait for a better year to make a career change or a big move. This year you will have to live within your means as finances may be an issue. Buy the necessities, and every so often, splurge a little. School is all about learning how to work together and teaming up to complete projects.

Remember this as you step into your classes for the year.

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Whether you are in elementary school or undergraduate studies, work as a team player. You might find a friend who can be your guide for the year, perhaps a classmate or counselor. With the help of friends and hard work, anything is possible. Your health outlook will worsen this year, not only for Snakes but their friends and family members as well. Cultivating your health is essential for a productive year.

A strict diet, daily exercise, and enough sleep will help to fend off sickness as do good genes. Be on the lookout for your family members. Male and elderly family members will be the ones more prone to setbacks. Anything you can do to improve and protect their health will be beneficial. Visit them often and try to encourage a healthy diet. Take the time to learn about yourself; for example, the things that make you tick, or what you appreciate most about being in a relationship. Being able to understand and love yourself forms a great foundation for beginning new relationships, in addition to working on existing partnerships.

Single Snakes will make some new connections, as long as they can be open and honest with their partners. However, take your time getting to know the person before jumping in headfirst. Couples will need to make a more visible effort to cultivate a happy relationship. As the Snake in the partnership, make it a point to communicate and show your feelings. Holding in your emotions is a recipe for disaster.

Chinese Zodiac Snake

Be open and loving. If you can do that, your relationship will flourish. The Year of the Rat will be a fairly typical year for the Snake.

2019 Animal Sign Forecast: SNAKE [Joey Yap]

Nothing significant looms overhead, and you can take comfort in some little successes. Good fortune may find you in the form of a guide, someone to assist you through your struggles. Your career and educational studies will thrive if you can discover your guardian for the year. Relationships will do well if you can put all of your emotions on the table.

Misfortune comes in the form of health; be prepared to face the worst news from family or friends. Overall, if you can focus on your physical and mental health for the year, you will do just fine. While proved to be a lucky year for Snakes, may present a few challenges. When it comes to problem solving, Snakes instinctively take on a perceptive and analytical approach as opposed to Pigs, who prefers a more direct and intuitive approach.

Learn to balance these opposing strategies to navigate the obstacles of Stay active by volunteering or offering your services to the community to help balance out bad energy and keep Snakes strong—physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. You should consider visits to temples and prayers for safety this year.

Spend more time enjoying quality time in the sun, or in warm relaxing settings, rather than dark gloomy places such as graveyards and funerals. Attend more celebratory occasions such as birthdays and weddings; doing so may boost your luck. The Chinese Snake never, ever forgets a slight or betrayal and their perception of true justice can be cruel. If this Chinese zodiac sign chooses to go on the attack, watch out.

Each of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals has an ascribed fixed element which affects their basic personality.

Year of the Snake: Love Compatibility, Horoscope, Personality - Chinese Zodiac Sign

Scroll down to find your birth year. Drawing upon the never-ending well of knowledge housed in the even the tiniest drop of water, the Water Snake is the most perceptive and has the most mental dexterity of all the Chinese zodiac Snakes. They are sensitive though they rarely let it show and make incredible artists. Those born in The Year of the Water Snake are the more materialistic of the lot and most likely will be able to buy whatever they want because are ingenious with regards to making and keeping money.

Emotions in these Chinese Zodiac Animals run deep so and their memories even deeper. This Chinese Snake absorbs and preserves every single moment, and those memories remain crystal clear throughout their entire life. Learn all about the symbolism and meaning of the water element. Adding the element of fire to the Chinese Snake makes them dangerous, yet hard to resist.

All the positive personality traits are amplified but so are all the negatives ones as well. Chinese Fire Snake people are charismatic and confident. They yearn for fame and fortune and will burn through the world in pursuit of their goals. Those born in The Year of the Fire Snake experience extreme highs and lows.

Earth Snake Chinese Zodiac

They love and despise with equal force. This Chinese Zodiac Snake is also untrusting, quick to judge and quicker to condemn. Learn all about the symbolism and meaning of the fire element. The Metal snake is, literally, metal in both its liquid and solid forms. As liquid it can slither in and out of anywhere. As a solid it can be impenetrable. Of the Chinese Snakes, this elemental type is the most secretive and prone to using underhanded methods to get what they want.

However, those born in The Year of the Water Snake can be quite benevolent when they so choose. Because of the metal in their chart, this Chinese Zodiac Snake literally craves expensive, shiny things and will work their whole lives to amass opulence and luxury as they can. The Wood Snake is the most charismatic of the Snakes. Stability and long-term success in their personal lives and finances is of utmost importance to this particular Chinese zodiac sign and they are willing to toil endlessly to achieve both.

Though the Wood Snake wants to mate for life and is more than capable of doing so, they must be in a relationship where they feel free and safe to express their opinion and thoughts. The Earth Snake is easy going as much as a Chinese Snake can be. They hold themselves to high standards in every way. This Chinese Snake is the same talented money maker as their brethren but they are the most frugal of the bunch.

Those born in The Year of the Earth Snake are principled and integrous in the extreme. They are slow to form judgement and opinions because they are invested in being fair and just. Learn all about the symbolism and meaning of the earth element.

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Because of their psychic natures, this Chinese zodiac sign somehow always seems to know what will make their partner feel happy, safe and loved. Even if the relationship is fantastic, the Snake can be possessive. If betrayed, the Chinese Snake turns into a deadly adversary who will strike faster than lightning and with the accuracy of a laser beam. Fixed Element: Fire. Color: Blue. Number: Numerology: 3. Birthstone: Opal.

Western Zodiac Twin: Taurus.