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It took me less than two minutes to rip it into shreds and toss in recycle. As I skimmed through and saw one slab of animal flesh after another I wondered if this was Texas, Nebraska, etc. There are many of us who think chic is more related to plant-based, environmental humane concepts. I get limp, lame, clueless replies at restaurants when I point this out. Going backwards in time it appears to me at times.

You folks at the Weekly may think you are cool environmentalists and real hipsters. The situation today may feel as desolate as the cover art suggests. Project Censored has long been engaged in much more than just uncovering and publicizing stories kept down and out of the corporate media. Over the years its added new analytical categories: sensational-. It became an example of the potential power of fake news in the radio media era. That narrative about widespread panic is actually a more long-term form of fake news, as Jefferson Pooley and Michael J.

Socolow have documented in a series of articles over the past decade. Both the audience size and degree of panic have been significantly inflated, they explained. They cited two main factors: newspaper editors, who saw radio as challenging their media dominance, and an influential media study, whose topline conclusions were at odds with some of its data. Fundamental rights — one of eight categories measured — declined in 71 out of nations surveyed. The United States ranked 19th, down one from , with declines in checks on government powers and deepening discrimination.

Fundamental rights include absence of discrimination, right to life and security, due process, freedom of expression and religion, right to privacy, freedom of association and labor rights. Guardian the day the index was released. But human rights movements have not historically set out to name or shame inequality. Constraints on government powers, which measures the extent to which those who govern are bound by law, saw the second greatest decline 64 countries out of dropped.

This is where the United States saw the greatest deterioration, World Justice Project stated in a press release. The United States also scored notably poorly on several measurements of discrimination. The four Nordic countries — Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden — remained in the top four positions. New Zealand, Canada and Australia were the only top 10 countries outside of Europe. This pattern of ignoring international comparisons, across all subject matter, is pervasive in the corporate media.

It severely cripples our capacity for objective self-reflection and self-improvement as a nation. In a , report for The Nation, Shorrock estimated that 80 percent of an estimated 58, private intelligence contractors worked for the five largest companies. On the contrary, the industry — in America, Europe and Asia — has spent untold millions of dollars in the past 25 years proclaiming that science is on its side, that the critics are quack, and that consumers have nothing to fear.

As the The Nation reported, George Carlo was a scientist hired by the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association in to research cell phone safety and allay public fears, heading up the industry-financed Wireless Technology Research project. But he was unceremoniously fired and publicly attacked by the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association in , after uncovering disturbing evidence of danger. Carlo sent letters to each of the 12 October 25, If there is any health effect, the potential impact is huge.

A follow-up report by Whitney Webb for MintPress News highlighted the broader possible censorship effects, as prohibiting social media criticism could spill over into reporting as well. In my view, not exactly. By saturating news coverage with a sensationalized narrative, Russiagate has superseded other important, newsworthy stories.

But is this propaganda? On the other hand, the censorship of alternative journalistic voices is far more clearcut and straightforward. A key initial target was RT. The estimated declines in traffic generated by Google searches for news sites are striking. The sense of panic among political elites was palpable. Typically, it uses cover crops and perennials so that bare soil is never exposed, and grazes animals in ways that mimic animals in nature. It also offers ecological benefits far beyond carbon storage: it stops soil erosion, re-mineralizes soil, protects the purity of groundwater and reduces damaging pesticide and fertilizer runoff.

It passed both houses and was signed into law in two days. It also significantly weakens protections against foreign government actions. It creates an exception to the Stored Communications Act that allows certified foreign governments to request personal data directly from U. State Department have raised. Several other concerns have been left entirely unaddressed. Supreme Court came within on vote of potentially recognizing such a right in the case Sierra Club v. Morton, expressed in a dissent by Justice William O.

Call Grant awards are limited and only available to those who qualify. See scholarshipca. This is the first time a North American tribe has used a Western legal framework to adopt such laws. Some American municipalities have protected their watersheds against fracking by invoking Rights of Nature. The same could be done with a wide range of other environmental justice disputes involving Native American tribes.

A former homeland security official told them that carelessly connecting unrelated groups will make it harder for law enforcement to identify real threats.

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Yes Amendment W: Change ballot format for judicial retention questions. Yes Amendment X: Change hemp definition from constitutional to statutory definition. Yes Amendment Y: Change the way congressional districts are drawn in Colorado. No Amendment Z: Change the way state senate and state house of representatives districts are drawn in Colorado. No Amendment A: Amend Colorado constitution to prohibit slavery and involuntary servitude as a punishment for a crime.

Yes Jamestown Ballot Question 2B. D Probably no other food conjures instant smiles and fond memories more. We are inspired by dozens of East Coast pizzerias from New Haven to Staten Island, but we are ultimately our own creation. From local cremini mushrooms to housemade Italian sausage made from pork raised with no antibiotics, we are not gourmet, but quality obsessed for sure. We slice our pepperoni in house, use imported, aged Pecorino Romano on every pie, and make our classic Caesar from whole eggs. Square slice while you chill on our secluded patio with a beermosa or proseccosa.

Local, craft beer, sodas, and ciders are plentiful in addition to delicious wines by the glass. Happy hour daily from and gluten free pies available. Longmont, rosaleespizzeria. Locally owned and operated, competitive pricing, friendly knowledgable staff. Stop by, the music is playing and we are here to assist! In addition to 5 local draft beers our chef inspired food ranges from carefully crafted cheese and salumi plates to homemade appetizers such as meatballs and edamame plates. We make our pizza dough fresh daily for our custom made Neapolitan pizzas.

Happy hour specials from 4 to 6pm everyday offers something for everyone! Got a wonderful meditation candle with essential oils. Great shop for buying gifts! Their body oil candles are the best. We have bought gifts here for many different occasions. I love all the crystals and new age gifts also. The atmosphere is amazing, and there is always ambient music playing. I live off their products. Amazing stuff! LOVE this store! My girlfriends and I always go here whenever we get together.

I took my Mom and Mother in Law here as well, there is something for everyone! Recently, I went in to get a special candle to burn for my hospital too for labor. The gal. Their company had no name, no stage and no formal organization, but it had people willing to put up a set, put on a show and then tear it all down again — sometimes in rapid succession. And so the shows went on, and by the s, they were going on under the name of the Potpourri Players. The Players organized, became a nonprofit, and eventually gained a home at the former Longmont High School, which had been closed and become derelict.

The two exchanged business cards and quickly became great friends. In the summer of they set out to find a professional commercial brewer. After many interviews, they came across Walter Bourque. As a commercial brewer of 5 years, as. No, really. In , the auxiliary for the just-built Longmont United Hospital wanted a new way to raise money to furnish the rooms. Grossen Bart is a place for anyone of all ages to come enjoy a delicious hand-crafted beer. November 6th th. Live music, craft brew specials, and of course loads of fun and pizza.

See you down on Main! It takes me a minute, more like two, but finally those scattered puzzle parts come together. His smile broadens, a grin wreathing his pleasant, earlys face. For toasting. At the tomb. Built in from the rubble of the St. Augustine church and convent destroyed during the Peruvian War of Independence from Spain, the cemetery covers approximately seven acres and holds the remains of more than 23, people. Among its more celebrated denizens are artist and activist Mariano Fuentes Lira and writer Clorinda Matto de Turner , both Cusco-born.

All together, we quickly climb out of our travel van amid honking car horns. Cuy is both a street food staple and a delicacy featured on most restaurant menus, served whole, often with a cherry tomato or other garnish wedged within the agape mouth. It is Nov. The Day of the Dead. Tradition holds that on this day the souls of the ancestors return to Earth to visit with their loved ones.

The eve of Nov. My head spins, with sleep deprivation and altitude sensitivity, to be sure, but also with Is there The icons fascinate me, everything from miniaturized replicas of Coca-Cola and beer bottles and pisco sours to cars, trains, tools and home furnishings fit for a dollhouse, all sold as gifts for the deceased.

Going to the gravesite empty-handed is unheard of, on par with showing up to a dinner party without the requisite bottle of wine. Though my impulse is to tarry and take it all in, Pavel ushers us along with strict instructions to keep wallets out of sight and a tight grip on backpacks and handbags. We climb the uphill path to the stonework entrance archway and step in line. Skulls festoon the green painted wrought-iron gate. Graveside picnics are winding down, though plenty of blankets and lawn chairs still cover the craggy patchwork of grass and exposed rockface.

Music comes courtesy of the errant instrument or portable boom box. Groups of kids play soccer and tag, but most adults are in a mellower mood, sipping from bottles of cerveza beer and Coke. Unleashed dogs circulate, October 25 , Corn Mazes Vintage Farm Tractors. As we move through, our way guided by stone-sculpted angels and painted Christian saints, Pavel explains a bit about Peruvian burial customs. A fourhour funeral is typical, with the Catholic religious service segueing into boisterous feasting and drinking.


All food and beverages are consumed before leaving the cemetery; to bring anything home is considered unlucky. Additional commemorative services are held one month and one year after the funeral. After that, a weekly graveside visit continues for the duration of the interment, the duty rotated among close relatives.

Tomb-tending is a family affair. Signs of neglect such as dead flowers almost always prompt a flurry of phone calls from relatives. In more recent years, the trend toward smaller families has made carrying out the weekly obligation more of a challenge, especially as most families have more than one grave to keep up.

We sidle on for several more minutes, following sloping, mud-packed footpaths toward the cemetery center. Gradually the ground levels off and we reach a cluster of mausolea: white-washed, storied constructions capped with terra cotta tile roofs and niched with hollow, boxed compartments — the tombs. An individual tomb looks like a shadow box filled with treasured keepsakes and enclosed by a clear glass door to which the family holds the key. Flowers, trinkets, statuary and icons commemorating who the deceased was in life fill the hollow compartment.

Is MiO just a younger, more attractive Crystal Light?

Often a framed photograph of the departed takes pride of place among the artifacts. To reach the upper tombs, family members must scale the steep librarylike ladders, a task taken on by the young and fit. Almost all the glass fronts are spotless, polished with a special solution of lime juice, I learn. Young children, mostly boys, circulate the grounds, offering to do the job for tips. Moving along the aisles, I peer into.

Stories of lives well-lived as well as those tragically cut short. Particularly poignant is the section set aside for children, the tombs specially sized. We pass through aisle after aisle of tombs, with Pavel pausing to slap one cousin on the back and to ask another cousin how his kid is doing in school. Everyone seems to know everyone, the atmosphere far more festive than funerary.

Finally, we stop. Though bringing food or drink into the ossuary area is officially forbidden, on this day at least no one seems to notice or mind. We salute each in turn and drink until our cups are drained. It is a beautifully solemn set of moments. With the daylight waning, and ourselves pleasantly buzzed, we retrace our steps to the main gate.

Kneeling at the base of the pole, one of the dancers flicked a lighter and ignited a pool of kerosene in a circle of fire. Gripping the pole with her thighs, Skye spun upsidedown, flames licking inches away. The performance ended to thunderous applause from the 40 or so audience members, but contrary to strip club etiquette, not a single dollar bill was tossed.

Though Sept. The atmosphere was pretty open. Dozens of Yelp reviews also helped paint a picture of what things were like back in the day. Thanks to the cheap beer, billiards, poker and blackjack tables, both men and women frequented the place, and he remembers one long stage he says resembled that of an old burlesque house. In , Omar was arrested for a. In written communications with the City of Boulder, he explained the arrest only happened thanks to a Chicago Police Department custom of pinching everyone on site during a raid. Indeed, the Aldabbaghs insisted in media accounts that the police attention was nothing but harassment and that they were routinely shaken down by corrupt cops.

Shortly thereafter, the Aldabbaghs started up several clubs in and around Phoenix, Arizona, yet their legal troubles followed close behind. In , the younger Aldabbagh was cited for more liquor license violations and was accused of allowing overexposed dancers and physical contact with patrons. In he plead guilty to permitting customers to play blackjack with real money and in the U. Department of Labor filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly withholding pay from staff.

Two years later Omar became a naturalized citizen and in , he purchased the Bustop. Then the hammer dropped. Ultimately, Aldabbagh plead guilty to several misdemeanor charges of. Since then, Aldabbagh appears to have stayed out of trouble, focusing on the Bustop, his two Las Vegas strip clubs, and breeding racehorses — including a former champion named Omar. Just the same, when the Sept. A few of the dancers say they learned the truth the day-of from an Instagram post, while others found out from the organizer of Transforming the Bustop Merlyn Holmes, who came into the club to ask if any of the dancers would like to perform for the Sept.

Sierra, a Bustop dancer from until its closing, says she personally addressed the potential closing with Aldabbagh a month earlier, reminding him there were 40 to 50 dancers who counted on the club to support them and their families. With this in mind, she asked him to provide them with a two-week notice when he finally decided to shut the place down. For the past three years Beth Merckel has taught people how to make jewelry at her nonprofit, Boulder Metalsmithing Association, next door to the Bustop.

Men in the Boulder community participated in sexually subordinating women in this club. But the long hours for low pay took their toll and when she got sick, she decided to switch to dancing. But when I came here I was homeless with nothing. Dancing was the only way I was able live a reasonable life and not kill myself with work. She even found dancing has made her a stronger selfadvocate.

In , Gesel Mason, former dance and theater assistant professor at CU Boulder, organized a dance performance at the Bustop to explore female sexuality. A diagnosis of ADHD doesn't have to mean prescription medication. Do you or a member of your family have difficulty concentrating or focusing? Are you concerned about hyperactivity or impulsive behavior? Now there is a clinically proven alternative to medication. Research shows neurofeedback to be an effective, safe, non-invasive way to work with children and adults—without resorting to psychoactive medication.

Help you or your child utilize and train the brain to improve performance. We offer state-of-the-art training that is respectful and nonstigmatizing; we build on your strengths leading to a sense of self mastery. Kerri Honaker, M. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for events, local news, and ticket giveaways. Guest the biggest challenge. Friday Oct. The Broadway, Boulder; 2 p. Tickets: cupreand the Sharks, a white gang clash. When someone moves into our He is particularly complimentary of the students in the area, is in the workplace or in school with us, cast.

But having said that, on stage has a named role — there is no separate chorus, and West Side Story itself is a piece. And, as Holman is quick to point out, after 61 years West Another monumental challenge is that all of the actors Side Story belongs to everyone. With new arrangements of Cuban music! Pre-concert discussion starts 30 minutes before the performance. Theater Company, ends But Paper Cut crescendos in a surwith two men on a beach, prisingly feminine way, in a scene in one fallen into the other, the big spoon which Kyle is suffering phantom limb and the little.

The men, very much in pains. His brother, a civilian, scrambles love, are wondering about regret. Even to get him pain medication and after before the actors exit the stage the Kyle swallows the pills dry, his brother audience begins applauding. The lights asks him what else there is to do. To sit, to settle our psyches, to wipe our tears. By the end of Paper Cut the lead character, Kyle, i.

Yes, he is a man with a buzz cut and a dry sense of humor, a man whose patriotism is taking and giving life. Yes, he is a Rudnick says this scene Cut. Through Nov. The set begins father, a veteran, a bigot and a brute, a vacant one, but by the end seems but a hero nonetheless. It was his banoverfull, as if it might burst, mimickner of toxic masculinity, waved, not ing the feel of the play itself, the feelquite like an excuse, but as a rationale ing that Kyle has been given too much for the at-times violent machismo of to bear.

But in its smallest detail, danmen, especially men at war. In the play, gling star lights extending from stage Kyle attributes the quote to George all the way to the back of the audiOrwell, although both in reality and in ence, we are reminded that we all exist the script, the quote is unattributable. Playwright Rosendorf admits to having eschewed his complicity in a country so long at war, for he had his own battles to fight.

A gay man in America, his life, and his work, have long revolved around his desire to explore a homosexual character who is not defined by their sexuality or stereotype. He was surprised when the inspiration for Paper Cut struck in while reading the Pulitzer Prizewinning articles by David Wood detailing the alarming number of soldiers losing their genitals in IED explosions.

Until then it was a hidden phenomenon, cloaked both by pants and by the shame of the soldiers who wore them. Although there is no way to truly understand the losses they incurred and incur still , Rosendorf found a closeness in their pain, closing the gap between a civilian and a soldier. Injured while holding the city of Ramadi in Iraq, Laceby lost the vision in one eye and mobility in his hands and shoulders. But in watching Paper Cut, he says he felt his triggers brought to stage in a redemptive way, in a way that could help him bridge the gap between his experience in combat and his experience in a country in a time of supposed peace.

Instead, with the players and the audience all under the same starry sky, Paper Cut posits that the struggle for freedom of identity is universal, and hard, and so proves the existence of empathy. COM October 25 , FEB NOV 15 NOV DEC Saturday, Oct. Monday, Oct. They say you can be whatever you want when you grow up, but why wait that long? Come dressed up in your Halloween best and ready to march, or simply set up shop along the road to watch. Either way, enjoy bands interspersed throughout the lengthy route, and stop by participating businesses for Trick or Treat Street immediately following the parade.

Line up starts at a. Since , Kamasi Washington has been known to draw multigenerational and multi-ethnic crowds with his progressive, improvisational music. The saxophonist, band leader, multiinstrumentalist and producer composes music that exceeds expectations of traditional jazz. What is the cost to the taxpaying citizens who want to use those spaces but feel pushed out or threatened by this population?

Are we wasting time and energy by viewing and litigating this as a civil rights issue or is it a useful way to push communities into substantive action? Longmont Public Library, Fourth Ave. Tim Mohr — Burning Down the Haus. Tattered Cover Book Store, 16th St. Tattered Cover Book Store, E. Colfax Ave. Sydney Campos — The Empath Experience. Boulder Book. Boulder Writing Dates. Tattered Tales Storytime. Prodigy Coffeehouse, E. Louisville Historical Museum, Main St. Eli Saslow — Rising Out of Hatred. David E. Nielson — The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success.

Arthur A. Hansen — Barbed Voices and Nisei Nysayer. Sunday Night Poetry Slam. Mercury Cafe, California St.

Boulder Book Store, Pearl St. Wesley Chapel, Folsom St. Tuesday, Oct. Nancy Stohlman. Innisfree Weekly Open Poetry Reading. Poetry Open Mic. Tara Powers — Virtual Teams for Dummies. Thursday, October 25 Music Chris Lake. Boulder Theater, 14th St. Boettcher Concert Hall, 14th St. The Laughing Goat, Pearl St.

Katie Farmer and Kyle Donovan. Fox Theatre, 13th St. Cervantes Masterpiece, Welton St. Give the Gift of a Great Night Out! Nick is a single, Italian-American guy from New Jersey who sees both sets of his grandparents every Sunday for dinner. Thus begins a series of schemes to keep Nick from moving. The resulting action is one hilarious moment after another. The Cake. Curious Theatre Company, Acoma St. Through Oct. Educating Rita.

Harvey — presented by Phamaly Theatre. The Olin Hotel, Logan St. Invaders from Planet 9 — presented by Arts in the Open. Chautauqua Park, Baseline road, Boulder. Annie Get Your Gun. Business Drop-Off: Tuesdays by appointment only. Disposal fees apply. Death and destruction abound on 12—15, Dairy Arts the silver screen, sometimes from monsters raging Center, The Boedecker Theater, for alpha dominance, other times from mutants and Walnut St. Why does going to the movies have to be this anxiety-inducing?

Thankfully, some movies can function as counter-programming, a tonic for all that sound and fury emanating from the multiplex. Our main character, if the movie has one, is Sabine Timoteo, an actress from Switzerland who has come to join the monastery for an indefinite amount of time. The monks welcome Timoteo, and she learns the procedures and rituals of the monastery on the job.

But there is no pretense to this process. In one instance, Timoteo is so transfixed by her egg roll she fails to notice that everyone around the table has assumed a posture of prayer. A companion gently nudges her, smiles and she gets it. She gently puts down her bowl and chopsticks, and the prayer begins.

No monk admonishes her for lack of attention; no Roman Catholic strictures are handed down. Just patience. The camera barely moves, the soundtrack is negligible and we learn little of the people at the monastery. Penzel also peppers the movie with quotes from an early 20th-century Antaiji abbot, Kodo Sawaki. With a movie this lean on exposition, each quote explodes with significance.

These quotes address the contradictory nature of Zen, some humorously, some challengingly. The best ones are the riddles. Zen For Nothing is not a movie for everyone. The press notes describe the movie as a documentary, but you could easily watch it as a scripted narrative. It is an immersive experience, one that suggests much and answers little. If you are going to see it, do so in a darkened theater where distractions are minimal. You might find something that soothes rather than stimulates, relaxes rather than riles. Who knows, you may even find yourself looking around for a monastery afterward.

Every pilgrimage has to start somewhere. The Boulder Weekly ads led to additional awareness of BMA and played an important part in this extraordinary fundraising campaign. Thanks Boulder Weekly! We sampled some of the sushi, which was fresh and expertly assembled, but the gyoza was irresistible. Steamed pork dumplings with herbs, served alongside soy sauce, the gyoza were the ideal balance of texture, temperature and flavor.

The barbacoa is deeply flavorful and tender, the rice and beans are well spiced and the salsas are out of this world. Shoestring onion rings are piled high atop a grilled patty, thick bacon, sharp Cheddar and a beer barbecue sauce. Regional producers are distributing in our stores, our restaurants are putting them on tap, and cideries are popping up all over. The hopped apple cider is particularly alluring. Comprised of apple juice and a healthy dose of Cascade and Citra hops, you get all the crisp refreshment of cider with just a kick of texture and flavor from the hops.

Prices vary. After each migrated to Colorado, their paths intersected six years ago because of fresh, organic produce. The food truck focuses on the fresh, intensely flavored foods Hess discovered as a student living and traveling in Asia. After more than a year of visiting a different brewery tasting room every day, Ginger Pig is now dishing blissful char sui pork, karaage chicken and red curry Wednesdays through Saturdays in the Isabelle Farm Store parking lot. But she only did it because of the right relationships. The only thing harder They wanted a working organic farm.

The sustainable food network webbing outward from the Isabelle Farm Store reaches to other farms, bakeries, artisan food and drink producers as well as food activist organizations like Slow Food. Unlike seasonal farm stands, Isabelle Farm Store is open all year. Condon says they intended to only sell their own produce, but customers started asking for more. The cases and shelves of the store are packed with crops and foods produced by locals including pastured, allnatural beef and lamb, cage-free farm eggs, milk, organic produce from other Colorado organic farms, hothouse produce in the winter, local snacks, beverages and gifts.

After a long wet spring on the farm, she is looking forward to using cucumbers, shishito peppers and other vegetables. While tomatoes are part of the recipe and it looks like chunky salsa in the jar, one taste sets it in a different category. Made with fire-roasted tomatoes, hierbabuena spearmint and onions, chirmol is more like an herbaceous Middle Eastern relish without the chile heat. Thursday on KGNU: news.

This not only lightens the color, it also keeps the juice from picking up too many tannins. Instead, the wine balances tart acid alongside fruity sweetness to produce something that pairs beautifully with leafy greens, soft cheeses and flaky fishes. In addition to cucumber and hibiscus — both shine beautifully — the brew sports a combination of Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus to give the beer a sour edge, a funky flavor and a bright and bouncy acidity. Enjoy unique tonics made to help start and finish your day.

Cool down with fresh, hand-made smoothies with ingredients geared toward improving mental clarity. All this and more, only at The Root Kava Co. We at The Root Kava Co. Whether used as a dietary supplement, or as a relaxing beverage to help you let go of the worries of the day. They can look like something designed by Willy Wonka, but taste like mustard gas.

In perhaps the ultimate bait-and-switch of the vegetable world, eating a radish can feel like leaning in for a kiss and getting slapped. The company of other raw plant parts brings out unflattering sides of a radish, and likewise, it can make the entire salad too harsh. Just a little fresh baguette, and a lot of butter. For hundreds of years prior to the advent of avocado toast, French chefs have laid thin slices of salted radish upon heavily buttered bread.

I make radish toast on sourdough, with a few thin slices of onion. Indeed, salt alone makes a big difference with a radish, countering its feisty flavor with an equal but opposing force. On cut radish, a pinch of salt pulls droplets of radish water from the white faces. The slices become translucent, like pieces of sushi, and deliver a brief, salty, wasabi-like hit.

A simple plate of salted radish makes a great palate cleanser between courses. Or soak off the radish water and salt in water. They crisp up a little, but stay mild. Another way to tame a radish is with heat, in both the temperature and spicy senses of the word. Radishes get mellow with cooking, their pungency replaced with sweetness. Spicy heat, meanwhile, fights fire with fire, building a spicy bridge between a radish and the rest of a meal. In the Himalayas, they employ all of the above radish tactics. Phagshapa is a pork and radishbased dish that uses not only chile but also ginger and onion to create a convention of pungency.

Phagshapa was one of my favorite dishes during a brief time I spent in Bhutan. Thanks to sadomasochistic levels of hot pepper and ginger in a properly prepared rendition, this is not a dish for the faint of. If I gave you the recipe I would feel responsible for your safety. It is sweet and mellow by serving time, thanks to the cooking. Next to the chile and ginger, the radish is a refuge from the more intense flavors, while contributing a subtle layer of umami. Whatever a radish is cooked in or on, be it pizza, stew, or frittata, it has a way of quietly making food taste better without being obnoxious.

Radish frittata is my new world answer to phagshapa it even rhymes! And in a nod to France, my frittata contains butter. It consists of a crispy matrix of bacon and potato, embedded with radish slices and whole radish leaves and other select flavorings, all topped with a fried egg — or impregnated with a beaten egg. We use the radish leaves because they are tender and tasty, contain more nutrients than the roots, and because there is not a single reason not to. Some radish varieties are grown specifically for their leaves, though any radish leaf is worth eating.

But not in salad, as some radish leaves can be fuzzy if eaten raw. In the radish frittata, they add to the matrix, and are a welcome splash of green. Quantities are for a solo portion: one egg and a single slice of bacon. Adjust accordingly depending on hunger and the size of the breakfast party.

Unless the bacon is super fatty, add the olive oil. Stir at a medium pace, allowing crust to form and brown but not burn on the bottom before scraping it off the pan. Cook for about 10 minutes, until it looks like a splintered bird nest. Beat the egg, if going the beaten route, with a tablespoon of milk, cream or water.

Push the potato matrix to the side of the pan, and add the butter, garlic and radish parts. When the radishes are wilted and soft and you can smell the garlic, about 2 minutes, stir everything together and spread it out. Make a little dimple in the pile, like a nest, to catch the egg. Crack or pour the egg into the dimple, and allow it to cook, unstirred, for about 2 minutes, uncovered. If the egg is sunny-side up, add a teaspoon of water to the side of the pan and put a lid on, to steam the top.

If using beaten egg, give it a few stirs to break it up and turn it over, so all the egg cooks.

Leo weekly horoscope 29 September to 5 October

Serve hot. Sushi Zanami, located just one block north of The Pearl St. Mall is hiring Sushi Chefs. We are a fast paced, high volume sushi restaurant that has been in business since For this position you must be able to work days, nights and weekends. Being fluent in Japanese is a plus but not necessary.

Must have at least 2 years of prior sushi chef experience or equivalent kitchen experience. To be considered for this position please stop by our location to fill out an application and or drop off your resume. If you are located outside of the Boulder area please send a cover letter and your resume to sushizanmai22 yahoo.

Experience not required. Must be reliable and punctual. Workday starts in Longmont. Fair compensation for the right candidate. Send resume to bloomboosters2 gmail. Experience preferred, but not required. Work performed throughout Boulder County. Send resume to bloomboosters gmail. Full Time Budtenders at our Call www. Prior industry experience not required, but definitely a plus. If you are a team player and are interested in working for a well respected company please send your resume and a copy of your MED Badge to boulderemployment thchealth.

This position is for immediate hire. Visit us in store or order online today. Every ingredient in our tinctures and topicals is organic and carefully selected to support healing and wellbeing for body and mind. C O M These products are not for use by or sale to persons under the age of Consult with a physician before use if you have a serious medical condition or use prescription medications.

The statements and products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Repeating yourself can be debilitating, even deadening. That includes trying to draw inspiration from the same old sources that have worked for you in the past. In accordance with current astrological omens, I suggest you try to minimize exact repetition in the next two weeks: both in what you express and what you absorb. It expands your capacity to express yourself vividly and gives you access to many interesting people who think differently from you.

Later in his life, the Taurus author was sorry for its influence, which helped legitimize human predation on sharks and led to steep drops in shark populations. To atone, Benchley became an aggressive advocate for shark conservation. Alpine swifts are the current record-holders, staying aloft for consecutive days as they chase and feed on insects over West Africa. I propose we make the swift your soul ally for the next three weeks. May it help inspire you to take maximum advantage of the opportunities life will be offering you. You will have extraordinary power to soar over the maddening crowd, gaze at the big picture of your life, and enjoy exceptional amounts of freedom.

That will be emphatically true about you in the coming weeks, Cancerian. Your poised, deeply felt gentleness will accord you as much power as other people might draw from ferocity and grandeur. Your gentleness will enable you to crumble obstacles and slip past barriers. It will energize you to capitalize on and dissipate chaos. Is there a giant sea serpent that inhabits the waters of Loch Ness in Scotland?

Tantalizing hints arise now and then, but no definitive evidence has ever emerged. Alas, the scheme went awry. Lady Nessie got damaged when she ran into a jetty. But it did have some merit. Is there an equivalent approach you might employ to generate more evidence and insight about one of your big mysteries, Leo? What strategies might you experiment with? The time is right to hatch a plan. But over the years, you have ripened in your ability to attract more useful and interesting problems. Almost imperceptibly, you have been growing smarter about recognizing which riddles are worth exploring and which are better left alone.

You are being afforded prime opportunities to grow in wisdom and effectiveness. And not because it falls in love. We call it a fool because it works so hard. The astrological omens suggest that you will learn what you need to learn and attract the experiences you need to attract if you do just that. Life is giving you a mandate to express daring and diligent actions in behalf of love. In my view, the coming weeks will be a potent time for you to recover and heal from those deterrents and discouragements in your own past. They provide useful information for your surface self, but little help for your deep self.

She was instrumental in devising new drugs to treat AIDS and herpes, as well as a medication to facilitate organ transplants. And yet she accomplished all this without ever earning a PhD or MD, a highly unusual feat. I suspect you may pull off a similar, if slightly less spectacular feat in the coming weeks: getting a reward or blessing despite a lack of formal credentials or official credibility.

But as late as the eighteenth century, it consisted of seven sparsely populated islands. Over many decades, reclamation projects turned them into a single land mass. I foresee you undertaking a metaphorically comparable project during the coming months. You could knit fragments together into a whole. You have the power to transform separate and dispersed influences into a single, coordinated influence.

You could inspire unconnected things to unite in common cause. As a consequence, I never dated or became romantically involved. I thought if I buried my kink with enough shame, it would go away and I would somehow turn normal. I play around with the kink in the privacy of my home and otherwise lead a normal life. I want to start dating. That takes time.

There are two kinds of people at any big kink event BDSM party, furry convention, piss splashdown : the people who were always kinky, i.

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You can follow Lo on Twitter and Instagram daddyiwantthis. On the Lovecast, what do we do now that Tumblr is dead? Email questions to mail savagelove. Despite its current legal status it only became criminalized within the last century, before which it was both a regularly used recreational drug as well as a medically prescribed drug for dealing with a wide range of ailments from glaucoma to cancer and multiple sclerosis. So if merely a century ago marijuana was a widely used and medically acknowledged drug ,how did it manage to reach the criminalized status that it now holds?

In America the criminalization of cannabis began as a relatively slow and understated process with certain states outlawing its use starting in the District of Columbia in The reason that cannabis became such a huge issue was the launch of a massive smear campaign against marijuana led by Harry J. Anslinger from to Harry J. Anslinger started his career as the assistant prohibition commissioner in the. Bureau of Prohibition before he was promoted to the position of commissioner in the newly created Federal Bureau of Narcotics in Anslinger held this position for 32 years, but it is his campaign against marijuana, which dominated the first seven years of his tenure, that he is most widely remembered for.

Anslinger made heavy use of the mass media in order to spread his anti-cannabis message. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others. A more interesting point relating to this is that Anslinger wanted the growth of all marijuana plants outlawed; including those that yield no intoxicating chemicals and can only be used to produce the extremely versatile textile hemp, and cannabis oil, which can form a cheap and effective base for fuels, paints and plastics.

Anslinger and his primary supporter, William Randolph Hearst, both had considerable interest in the petrochemical industry and it has been suggested that the anticannabis campaign was primarily designed to eliminate hemp as a competitor. No matter the reasons it is clear that Harry J.

Anslinger and his anti-cannabis activism played an enormous role in the national criminalization of the drug, something which is still strongly debated to this day. Sam Qam a keen collector of mandala seeds and cannabis seeds. This article first appeared at: www. A state legislature has finally gotten a recreational marijuana legalization bill across the finish line this year. A successful vote in the state House of. In the rest it was legalized by a citizen initiative. However, Vermont legalized possession and home cultivation but not commercial sales.

The Illinois legalization bill is the first passed by a legislature to do so. Non-residents will be able to purchase half those amounts. There will be a 10 percent tax on flower and products with less than 35 percent THC, a 20 percent tax on edibles and other cannabis infused products, and a 25 percent tax on any product with a THC concentration above 35 percent.

The original bill would have allowed home cultivation of recreational marijuana, but that provision had to be scaled back to medical pot, with a cap of five plants per household in order to secure enough. The vote was 66 to Two days earlier the bill was approved by the state Senate 38 to Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, who had made legalization part of his campaign last year, said he would sign the bill. When he does, Illinois will become the 11th state to have legalized recreational marijuana. This will. It sucks, but politics is the art of the possible.

Sales will begin on Jan. Illinois convictions for possession of up to 30 grams will be automatically expunged. Around , cases would be eligible for expungement. It also gives them access to financial resources for start-up costs, and provides resources to communities that were hardest hit by the war on pot. Also, local colleges could obtain licenses for training programs to help residents prepare for cannabis industry-related jobs. The state Department of Agriculture and Community College Board will create up to eight pilot programs to train students to work in the legal cannabis industry.

At least five of the eight programs must be for school where at least 50 percent of the students are low income. Giving some of those who were targeted preferential access to the new pot industry is a form of reparations, and in a good way. Hover St.

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  • County Line Rd. Evans boulderganic: 19 buzz: 21 Beyond Academia Free Skool revisits ecopoetics in the face of environmental disaster by Angela K. I Youth Radio Workshop June and July Course graduates will be qualified to use radio studio space at KGNU and can become volunteer broadcasters, journalists and disc jockeys.

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    Chester st. Boulder Weekly welcomes your correspondence via email letters boulderweekly. People were outraged that state officials, who were in the pocket of the polluters, then did nothing to proI tect the lake from more poisoning. Terri Oneby Boulder Vision Center or visit bouldervisioncenter. Choose plants to Animals. Did you know the biggest Have you seen the activists on Pearl Street wearing Guy Fawkes masks and holding television screens? Next we could suggest how one could actualize theistic, panentheistic, philosophical and wisdom I ideologies into behaviors which serve to diminish and ultimately abolish ecocide.

    You reuse bags. You say no to straws. Otherwise it would be far more difficult to do the hideous things the OIG report says we are doing — like cramJUNE 6, tion on May 8, the OIG found migrants in a facility with a maximum capacity of Border Patrol even threw away the I stuffed toys migrant children had clung to for thousands of miles as they walked toward what they thought would be their new life. Evans 14 I tion ultimately leads to death, she says. She soon learned the treatment and support was all thanks to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Global Fund , widely recognized as a successful and unique JUNE 6, global partnership between governments, the private sector, civil society and people affected by the diseases — people like Maturu.

    Since its founding in , the Global Fund reports having saved 27 million lives, with a 37 percent decline in TB deaths, a 60 percent decline in malaria deaths and cutting AIDS-related deaths in half I since the peak in Richard L. ADHD Research shows neurofeedback to be an effective, safe, non-invasive way to work with children and adults—without resorting to psychoactive medication.

    Insurance coverage may apply www. Be Happy. Help is On The Way! Society wants art, but Murphy, like countless artists before him, wonders if people under26 I JUNE 6, stand the emotional work it takes to make the art. JUN 13 JUN 21 JUL 23 AUG 3 JUL 13 JUL 30 Open Improv: Long Form. Wesley Chapel, Folsom St. Events For a full list of all upcoming concerts and events, visit 32 swallowhillmusic. Sunset Middle School, S. Sunset St. Heavy Diamond Ring. Spirit Nia Dance. Unity of Boulder, Folsom St.

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