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It's likely your Taurus will want or demand a firm commitment from you far earlier than you will feel comfortable giving it. They want to know where they stand, and are mentally mapping out the next 30 years, while you're wondering what's for lunch! No matter how much you enjoy your Taurus you may find it difficult to make them secure in this respect - they just don't share your concept of independence within a long term relationship. At the extreme, you may at times find your Taurus boring, unimaginative and predictable in these areas, while they find you too unconventional, independent and rebellious.

As in all things, compromise, understanding and respect are key. Aquarius Taurus sex This partner is a relatively serious lover, whereas you tend to be much more playful and light hearted, not needing the same high level of ritual, bonding or surrounding affection. Sometimes you just want sex, while they will nearly always want to make love. It's also likely that your Taurus will need encouragement to appreciate anything too unconventional in the bedroom. Again, you can choose to look on this as hard work, or you can choose to look at it as an exciting opportunity to corrupt them!

Don't be surprised if the phrase "wow, I've never done that with anyone else before! Overall this is a partner you may feel is sometimes too needy or clingy, who in the long term is likely to ground you way too much for your taste. Keep in mind then that these are positive traits, which you will benefit from if you become more tolerant of them. So is this article conclusive? This article is based only on sun sign interaction. In order to provide a lot of people with information it's a convenient and fast way to generalize, but it's far from conclusive at this broad level.

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Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility: The Visionary and the Lover

Relationships Select your sign and your partners sign I am Taurus and Aquarius. Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility. Taurus and Aquarius Sex. Taurus and Aquarius Communication. Are we compatible? Astrology and soulmates. How to know if you're with your soulmate. The most common features of soulmate relationships. Astrology and seduction. Online relationships. Relationship advice.

New relationships. Get your ex back. Considering an affair. The absence of focus on romantic commitment is not a problem between friends. But, put fickle Aquarius and comfort needing Taurus together, and a problem arises! They either overcome the romantic obstacles or not. An attempt at finding a middle ground ends in a fast fizzle to the romantic chemistry. The Aquarius and Taurus personalities view the world through distinct lenses. Aquarius has a broad, worldview with a focus on humanitarian efforts. The different attitudes lead to problems in and out of bed!

This pairing shares an interest in the beauty and wonder of life.

The Aquarius and Taurus relationship thrives when they are of equal intellect. Taurus knows how to appeal to the intellectual side of the Aquarius personality. A Taurus will have no trouble discussing the arts from a historical standpoint. The forward-thinking Aquarius can impress a Taurus with their remarkable insights. Aquarius is a goal-oriented character. Taurus faces a challenge with movability. Aquarius adapts to change with ease. Taurus does not. Aquarius can serve as a teacher and a guide. If these two are open to embracing the quirkiness of the other, the relationship has a chance.

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Respect for one another is part of the compatibility formula for this pairing. Mutual compassion and understanding is another part of the formula. Love is the glue that will pull it all together on a more permanent basis. For the Aquarius and Taurus love affair to last, there will be sacrifices. Taurus will need to let go of its focus on tradition and embrace experimentation.

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Aquarius will need to let go of some of its freedom. Putting a cap on experimental limits is an excellent idea. Taurus needs someone who is attentive and loving for the relationship to thrive. Aquarius needs that unpredictable energy in the bedroom and freedom outside of it.

Taurus-Aquarius Compatibility

When working together, this relationship can thrive and give off positive vibes. Each partner must contribute their personal strengths into the relationship. The balance between powers is the key to the harmony in this unique pairing. Can this relationship work? Yes, but only if Taurus and Aquarius play their roles right. Aquarians need to sacrifice freedom. Taurus will need to sacrifice the fixed mindset.

The couple must set boundaries and agree to them. Taurus has a worldview with a focus on relationship and family. If Aquarius puts too much attention outside of the relationship, Taurus becomes jealous. If Taurus becomes possessive, Aquarius straps their walking boots on fast! The expectations of the partners in this relationship do not align. You already know what happens when you mix oil and water. Aquarius is the water-oriented because they are free and like to move according to their own will.

Taurus is the oil-oriented partner as they move at a slow pace. Plus, their stubbornness subtracts from their flexibility. Oil rises to the top of the water. Yes, the Aquarian personality will begin to feel as if Taurus is trapping them if they become too clingy. The love in this relationship must run so deep that the couple is ready to defy all the odds. Compatibility is possible, but only if the pair stays on their toes. They need to be ready to do a lot of emotional work. Plenty of compromises will help this couple work out commitment issues. This remarkable connection can fizzle fast though.

Once frustration enters the relationship, those passionate moments might become passion-fueled fights. Then lots of angry makeup sex results. While the fury of the moment might seem fantastic at the time, it leaves both parties unfulfilled. When having sex with an Aquarius personality, things must stay lively.

The Aquarius is one who tires of routine.

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  • Nothing kills the fires of passion faster than boredom. Experimentation is on the menu in the Aquarius and Taurus relationship. To that end, if it is sensual and passionate, the Taurean is on board. But, there is a serious limit to how far a Taurus bed. Limits are fine, but sexual hang-ups will turn the Aquarius personality. Restrictions on sexual preferences are a bone of contention for Aquarius. The shift from passion to dust is akin to the minute a small, frightened child knocks the bedroom door!

    Can I sleep with you and Daddy? Even if you are not a parent, you can almost hear the THUD of a heavyweight hitting the bedroom floor. That, my friends, is the hefty weight of sexual frustration! The Aquarius personality demands new positions or even new locations for sexual encounters. The kink factor runs high when you pair up with an Aquarian.

    Is there anything they consider unacceptable in the bedroom? Taurus will need to draw a line in the sand. It will let their partner know what they are comfortable with when in the bedroom. An opinionated nature is something the diminishes the Aquarius and Taurus compatibility rating. When the conversation is smooth, and both agree on things, these two can talk for hours. The Taurus loves the unique way Aquarius views the world.

    The Aquarian enjoys the artistic and beautiful slant the Taurean puts on everything. Of equal intellect, this romantic pairing can come up with some ingenious ideas. When opinions clash, things can get a bit tough in the communication department. Opinions can lead to heated debates.

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    It then leads to the fizzle of any romantic connection. The Aquarian will shut down and find a reason to step out for a while. The Taurus will hold on to an opinion for dear-life and refuse to let go, even in the face of real opposition. In the heat of a debate or argument, the Aquarius runs while the Taurus charges forward. The chase can prove everlasting if the disagreement is strong enough!

    Oh … where to begin? The conflict between these two personalities screams out from the highest of hills! Come on now! Of course, there are clashes in the Aquarius and Taurus love match! The Aquarius personality is heady and aloof. They are free like a thought carried off on the breeze. They live an almost surreal, stream of consciousness lifestyle. Aquarius is a mover and a go-getter. Movement and progression are key desires for the person born under the sign of the water bearer. Taurus has a fixed mentality.

    Earthy influence makes Taureans slow and methodical. Every step is about planning. Comfort is vital in the life of a Taurus. Inertia is a significant issue for this personality. Sometimes a Taurus cannot even get out of their own way. The Aquarius takes flight, and the Taurus drags along the ground resisting change! Aquarius is yang, masculine energy. Taurus is a yin feminine energy. Aquarius is projective and assertive.

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    Taurus is receptive and passive. If the relationship steps into the polarized area, all bets are off. If yin becomes passive to the extreme, they can become a martyr in the relationship. Taurus can be so stubborn and change-resistant that they are passive-aggressive. Aquarius can turn hostile, especially when their personal freedom is on the line. The yin and yang energies influence the Aquarius and Taurus compatibility factor. The signs of excess yang energy in Aquarius include anger and a domineering attitude. It is best for these two to learn the art of compromise from day one in this challenging connection.

    Will it work for everybody? The aspect of Aquarius and Taurus reveals the position of each sign on the zodiac wheel. It is a measure of the distance between them.